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AUDIO PORTRAIT series  is a collection of 22  DOCO MUSIC where music stars  narrate stories that are not the career, but themes that are  relate to their lives, events  or  matters  in which they were living witnesses. The narrative is accompanied with performances of his biggest hits, filmed  exclusively for the series in special versions, within the focused context.

gilberto gil -  lenine  - evandro mesquita   -   criolo -   fernanda abreu  -   anitta   - capital inicial - detonautas - fangner-  andreas kisser - negra li -  dado villa lobos  -  gabriel o pensador -   frejat   -   elba ramalho - diogo nogueira - skank - vanessa da mata  - lobão - toni garrido - erasmo carlos - george israel - leoni - guto goffi

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BLINK is a series in which eight photographers photographed eight postcards of RIO DE JANEIRO, telling the story of each location and their own. CRISTINO MASCARO, GUI PAGANINI, EVANDRO TEIXEIRA, RICARDO NAUENBERG, FREDERICO MENDES, ISABEL GARCIA, LEVINDO CARNEIRO and LUIZ GARRIDO, photographed Edificio Seabra, Porto Maravilha, Joquei Clube, Theatro Municipal, Pedra do Arpoador, Jardim Botânico Pedra da Gavea and Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas respectively.

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HITMAKERS is a television series in which six renowned musicians revisit their greatest hits, reminiscing about how they were created and the story behind each of them. Inevitably their personal trajectories also end up being revised. The guest musicians are: SERGIO MENDES, TONI BELOTTO (from the band TITÃS),  LULU SANTOS,  PAULA TOLLER (from the band KID ABELHA),  BI  and  BARONE

(from the band  FENDERS  OF  SUCCESS),  FERNANDA  ABREU.  Each program has an artist as its focus. 

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